State of Euphoria

It was the first time we went to see a movie together, just the two of us. Real Steel, Hunger Games, and Avengers, we saw them all with kins and friends but The Dark Knight Rises? We were on our own. It was just about time. It has been a year since we got in this relationship and it was only then that we got to see a movie.

I guess the timing was just right that it was a Batman movie. He is the Joker, I am his Harley and what better movie was there to watch but his archenemy's?

The movie was great and all but I was preoccupied with his presence. He was just inches away from me. He gingerly held my hand and sometimes kissed it. There were some scenes that I caught him looking at me instead of the screen. But of course, there were also times it was the other way around. He looked happy...

After feasting our eyes on black suits and capes, we wanted to fill our stomachs with something we haven't tried before. The original plan was Army Navy, Brothers Burgers or Wham Burger. He had a craving then for burgers. After seeing the movie though, he wanted to have rice. We looked at Bon Chon's menu but since i could not find anything extraordinary there, I suggested looking for something else. We ended up having our dinner in Teriyaki Boy.

After that he accompanied me to the cab terminal and we parted ways like what we used to. I was already in the cab when he remembered that he was supposed to get his ankle support from me which we bought in Toby's earlier that day. He went back to the terminal but my cab had already started moving. We resolved the problem by agreeing to see each other on Tuesday.

Come to think of it, it had been a normal day, a normal date but I loved the day and I love the man I was with. I was happy. I still am.

I don't know how long it is going to last but I'm going to cherish each moment I am with him so I won't have any regrets.

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