Top Ear Candies: March 2012

I have stopped posting my Top Ten Ear Candies because somebody has been copying it, format and all. However, I have been re-inspired by the songs that I listen to in the radio nowadays so I guess it is time to bring it back.
10. In Your Arms- Kina Grannis- I love the jelly beans, and the rain. So I like this song… is that enough?
9. Push-Avril Lavine- I used to like her so much but I reckon this song does not suit her. I don’t mean to say it is bad because if it were, it would not have made it to my list. All I want to say is she has better songs and this is not one of them.
8. Give Your Heart a Break-Demi Lovato – I am not a fan of her. I actually did not know that she was the same person who sang “This is MEEEEEE” in Camp Rock. The voice is different. Anyway, what I like in this song is its play of words on the word ‘break.’ It is quite intellectual and creative. Nevertheless, the song is about a girl who tries to prove herself to the guy…wait. Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around?
7. Airplanes- B.O.B. – What I like about this song is the chorus part. Creative use of the language. It is about time that composers learn how to write poetries.
6. You Can Count on Me- Default – still in my playlist despite it not being current. It says a lot.
5. Somewhere in the Middle- Dishwalla - There is something about this song that makes me think that people do think clearer when they drink.
4. Stronger- Kelly Clarkson - This reminds of the other hey-I-am-not-the-loser-you-thought-I-was songs I have listened to way back 90s including Cher’s Strong Enough, Britney’s Stronger and Avril’s My Happy Ending. Kelly can give them a run for their money with her trio Behind These Hazel Eyes, Stronger, and Since You’ve Been Gone.
3. The One That Got Away- Katy Perry - I am starting to think that 2012 is for artists who can really compose and sing. This song has a nice groove to it, thanks to Katy’s voice and the lyrics is not something you will see in your daily newspaper. Great.
2. Drive by- Train - Train has always been in my playlist ever since their Drops of Jupiter days. It is no wonder this song is in my top ten. It is about time.
1. Not Over You- Gavin Degraw- I recommended this song to Syme yesterday and he has started loving it. At last we have songs about heartaches and heartbreaks that are not too angsty and bitter.
As you may have noticed, I do not have any Kpop song in my list anymore. I have stopped listening to new Kpop songs since GD of Bigbang admitted using drugs. I thought it is time to go back listening to music that I understand. I started listening to the radio once more for two purposes. One is to be updated. I have approximately 700 songs in my playlist but they are not the currently famous ones. More of, they are my favorite songs of all time. The second reason is to develop my listening and speaking skills. There are good disc jocks in the radio station I listen to every morning so I am quite inspired.

Given that I am a moody blogger, not to mention a very busy human being, I am not sure if  can post my ear candies daily and I guess that would be pretty boring. A weekly list tend to be repetitive. What I can promise is a monthly update of my Top Ear Candies.

What say you?

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