Symptoms of Changing for Good

How come when one is in a relationship, she does things uncommon for her to do and she even writes things she has promised not to write about? She is filled with this indescribable emotion that she has orginally promised she would put a label on. She is becoming a victim of an affair that she has planned to conquer.

She smiles at his funny text messages. Yet she smiles wider when she receives those sweet nothings that come only once in a blue moon. Her heart throbs loudly and painfully when they are apart but it beats the loudest when they are near one another. She misses him so much when they have not seen each other for several days but she misses him the most a day after they have dated.

Lately she has to decide not only for herself but her partner. The once Selfish Individual has become a Considerate Person.

Can it be that this person has changed?

No. This person cannot have changed so easily. It is just her positive characteristics that glow, outshining the negative ones. It is a cliche to say that her partner brings out the best in her but her actions already prove it.

'Oh it doesn't need a genius to know what these are symptoms of...'

She couldn't be inlove...because she is.

And I know I AM.

'Who can say if I have been changed for the better...but because I knew you...I have been changed for good."
-- a reflection after my date with Russ yesterday in Pizza Hut SM North Annex. 

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