Maria. Shopping and Making Up

Unlike most of my Wednesdays spent in staying at home, doing the laundry, reading books, watching movies and animes, and writing, I went out and had a life like a normal human being enjoying her day off.

Maria and I did our best in patching things up and updating each other last Wednesday, 29th of February. We met in SM Megamall and bought some cosmetics to celebrate being girls. We don't usually buy makeup when we go to the mall so what we did yesterday was really saying something. We often hoard books every time we get the chance to go shopping together or we eat out.

Buying cosmetics has just come into our priority list this year. I need it in my field because I look more like a college student instead of a professor and this, by the way, is not an exaggeration. In her case, she has just come to an age where she feels she needs to put on cosmetics. She has lived a huge part of her life without them so she is just starting to experiment with brushes and palettes. Point is, when is she going to start if not right now?

When Maria is with me, I usually drop hints on what she has to buy or not particularly the shade of eyeshadow and blushers. Maria is more of a 'brand' person when it comes to body care so she then advises me of what brands are good for the skin and what are those that only give women a run for their money.

As for me, I usually buy makeup alone because I am quite indecisive and I don't want to be a burden to a companion. Once, Russ accompanied me but he just stayed in the corner. The feeling that someone important is waiting for me because of my caprice makes me quite guilty and that time I felt that with Russ, I rushed buying the things I had to buy.

The two-hour shopping Maria and I had last Wednesday was hassle-free since we were looking for the same things. It was symbolical in a way because as much as shopping is made easier when  done with someone with the same goal, so is making up with a friend.

As I walked along the busy streets branching from the golden Emerald Building, where Maria works in, to the busy Ortigas, all the tension that was building up in me disappeared all of a sudden.

It was a great Wednesday.

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