the wish that finally came true (that i wish didn't happen)

"I do not deny that my heart long desired for this "- Galadriel, LOTR Fellowship of the Rings

i was given the responsibility of handling the school's pub: CKSC's The Writer's Guild.
For a person who is so attached to writing and journalism, probably this is indeed a very good opportunity. That is also what i thought, at first. But now, amidst teaching requirements and family problems, I could only sigh: how could this be happening so fast?

Writing relaxes me. It(aside from listening to head banging music) is my therapy for stress. I feel good when i write. Why then do i feel this?

The answer is there already. It's writing that i love, not handling students who would become writers.

to be honest, i hate seeing other people living my dreams. i usually tell myself "I could have been there--I should have been there instead of that person"

"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future" --Galadriel, LOTR Fellowship of the Rings

I hope as I work with these students, I could gain new perspective. I hope they could teach me something. I hope that somehow they could change my future.

Lastly, I hope i would learn how not be ungrateful

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