Back when I was in college, I was sooooo stingy—an excuse for being poor actually—and I could not have the heart to discard things even they seemed useless. The result is the accumulated “bookmarks” in my closet.

While I was arranging my things in my drawers, I found this bookmark I made when I was still in the University.

You got that right. I made that from the boards of stockings. Hehe.

This silhouette bookmark was given to me by Lyra dela Cruz, a former classmate in the University. Written near the edges is the lyrics of Sponge Cola’s Gemini.

Another one is this train ticket I got from purchasing a second hand book. It is not an ordinary train ticket. It is, or it used to be, subway ticket to London.

As of the moment, I don’t see how I can use them since most of my books are in boxes and I only read one book at a time now since I don’t have any requirement. They’ll see their tomorrow soon though. Come this June and my beloved books and their bookmarks will see what studying with Jahzeel Dionne V. Ybasco is.

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