20/09 my top ear candies

. i received a notification in my facebook account that my highschool classmates
are planning to have a reunion this december.\
. i don't know how concrete the plan was but im not yet sure of attending.The
three things i consider for my attendance are:

*schedule (december 26--yep immediately after christmas...but it's a sunday so
i guess...)
*money (it's always a factor)
*people (it really depends on the crowd...i don't want to waste my money 
and time meeting former classmates i don't like to be with... hey c'mon. i'm
sure most of us have our fair share of conflicts. and if there's an award i 
didn't receive and didn't work for in highschool, that is Ms. friendship)

. reminiscing my highschool days made me listen to these songs all day:

1. five for fighting- superman
2. brian mcknight- win
3. westlife- evergreen
4. nsync- this i promise  you
5. bsb- drowning
6. o'town- painter
7. the calling- stigmatized
8. westlife- world of our own
9. linkin park- numb
10.the corrs- breathless

.a number of boybands domited this list since those boybands themselves invaded
the philippines when i was in highschool.

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