At the first time you saw this envelope, you felt obliged to give. It was your responsibility to help.

At the second time you saw this envelope, you thought, probably there had been a mistake. Probably the distributors were just in the direst of needs. Probably it was coincidental that the words were the same, the penmanship was the same. The distributor? Could you possibly have seen his face? Was he that significant that his face stuck in a side of your brain you thought didnt exist? You reached for your wallet.

At the third time you saw the envelopeyou got irritated.

And for the next, you found yourself totally indifferent from the cries of the paper, the pleas of the dirty hands.

And people would brand you as an Unfeeling Unmerciful Git.

You didnt care.

Who was more unfeeling: you, who learned your lesson the hard way, or that Unknown who used your pity to make their pockets bulge? 

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