the locks...yes, the locks

How fast does your hair grow?

Im not sure how fast mine grows but it sure is slow. Yes, I have a new hairstyle. I got it last July. The hairstylist didnt touch the length of my hair though. If I would start counting from the last month I really had a hair cut, then I would have one year and two months. Given this period, you might expect that my hair reaches my waist and thats what I thought too. But no. From the shoulder-length, it grew two or three inches longer. Quite a development right.

I couldnt remember what my science teacher had said about hair growth. I can only remember that we lose 100 strands per month (please check me). I sure lose a lot of strands. Sometimes I kid around saying I have cancer (Im not being pathetic, its just coincidental that I was born under the Cancer sign so I think I have every right to have it as a jokesorry for the sensitive persons). However, losing several locks of hair doesnt contribute to the fact that I have a slow hair growth. They may have the same cause though.

Its a good thing that Im not really depressed these days otherwise I would really go for nasty haircuts just like what I usually do when irritated. Its a good thing as well that I itch having a new haircut because there is a good style I want to try for myself. WhewI still cant have it given this situation. 

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