Im back from the grave. Ive been so engrossed in reading mangas and watching animes lately (finished Rekka no Hounou manga last Sunday. My heart broke. Finished Shaman King animation this Monday, my heart broke again waham reading Nodame Cantabile which I have first seen as Japanese Drama. Good Lord, when am I going to finish reading the novels I have lined up for this month?).

In addition to that, Ive been so busy updating my fiction that I dont really have time to post things in my blog aside from hurried rants).

To make up for my absence, Ill share something significant to you guys.

I registered in NaNoWriMo last month to motivate myself to continue working on a novel that has been in my head since when I was in high school. However, I think I wasnt motivated enough. For the record, I havent submitted anything to the word counter. The digits in my account are still rigid six zeroes.

I wont say that the registration did not help me in my writing adventures. I have been so busy entertaining myself with childish things (remembering a part of a quote that runs along this line: The time that we start growing old is the time we stop playing). I receive help from time to time (since registering in NaNoWriMo means getting newsletters called Pep Talk). Some renowned writers give pointers on how participants can get through the 50,000-word requirement. Most of the tips are the usual ones, but, according to Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles), theres nothing wrong in being reminded.

Ill be posting the gist of some of the tips that I am receiving. I have to make it clear, however, that Im merely posting them to share what I find substantial (Im a teacher by license after all) and not to gain credit from the authors thoughts.

I guess, with all that said, Ill be able to get back in track in blogging. Hehe.

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