0911 my top ear candies

*wahI woke up early to retain my record of days not late for work only to turn in our office 45 minutes late. How bad can it getI usually love rainand heaven gave me much time admiring it in its glorystuck in 2-hour traffic creep.

1.       alanis morisette- ironicthis song really summarizes everything for me
2.       train- calling all angelsI should have called them earlier
3.       shinee- hellohow I wished someone had said a hello to me in the ride
4.       goo goo dolls-nameI even almost forgot my name back there
5.       the script- end where I beginwahI wish my favorite day would end
6.       faber drive- second chanceI blew my chances already
7.       lifehouse- stormright, lifehouse, thank you
8.       nickleback- savin mehow I wish
9.       remy zerosave mereally nowthis one of the few moments that I think the world needs a superhero
10.   coldplayfix youafter all is said and done, yup, I think I need fixing

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