getting hooked again

Am getting back to an old hobby—writing fanfictions of my favorite anime.

I thought and still think it is the easiest thing to do. Characters and settings are already supplied. The fanfic writer only needs to supply the “flashback” and “side-stories” of the animation. I used to draft my stories in my notebook or any piece of paper I could get hold of. I remember writing one beside my school notes when I found the class boring (people had the impression that I was studious. Nope. I just wrote things to wake myself-up)

Truth be told, I almost forgot that I even had made some. These past few days, my mind was fogged up with the idea that I was old enough to start taking life seriously and be in love with real human beings and not with some products of someone else’s imagination.

Then again, I was wrong. Good thing, a friend reminded me of the so-called fanfiction.net and I’m back to writing fics. Just recently, I have updated one that I drafted four years back. It feels like having a reunion with a very important high-school classmate.

Hope I still have enough creative juices though. I’m afraid I’m starting to go deeper into the rabbit’s fur. I want to see the magician’s eyes once again.

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