giving a damn to quitters

I have never been a fan of quitters. Being competitive, I excel more when I a challenged, when I am bullied. I don't stop until I get my own share of the cake. That is why I can't understand people who quit without trying. I hate weaklings who half-heartedly do things they are asked to do--just because they don't like to? They don't have the potentials? Their groups mates don't like them? to hell. They haven't even tried doing the tasks. In their minds they limit themselves to a category and never venture into deeper waters.

It's foolish.
They keep on saying "Knowing what you cannot do is more important than knowing what you can do." Well, that's a whole lot of a crappy alibi. It doesn't give them a sacred reason to refuse a task. As if everyone is asking them to jump from the King's tower and die.

Haven't I quitted once,you ask? Of course, I have. I am a human being. I used to quit in a lot of things before I learned that " The words 'I CAN'T' are better used sparingly. I give importance to the things I can't do but I don't let them stop me. I don't give a damn if it is hard as long as I have to do them(and if the task is worth the try) then I will.

Should I care if people don't like me? I won't let them affect me. I won't give them a reason to like me either. I don't care if they have stayed longer in the workplace. I am given the opportunity to stay in the same area because I am worthy and I must show that. They might as well die in frustration of kicking me out. When I have to leave--WHEN I REALLY HAVE TO QUIT, I'll make sure that I will leave something good, something to amrk the place that I once have been there. I WON"T LEAVE WITHOUT A FIGHT.

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Blazestriker said...

Hey, sorry if I quitted but I didn't think you'd react like this. You have my thanks though, since you had time to do this very inspirational and meaningful blog entry. I know that it's wrong to quit with those reasons I have mentioned but I guess I lost my appetite with these WG thingys. It just doesn't suite the style of writing that I use. After all, I have no power to change the guild nor be an unfair person there. But if you think that I can be of use, I shall gladly offer my services as a contributor. And btw, I have passed 1 news article and an essay, I still owe you guys an interview w/ a sudoku contestant.(I intend to pass it even after my resignation) I hope I get to work with you guys again sometime. Stay cool...