If you are looking for a wallflower that you have for a date, you dont need to look far and wide. I volunteer.

I have always considered myself as an assertive and competitive person but when it comes to gatherings, I am a perfect wallflower. I dont want myself to be noticed by anyone. Its enough for me to be a bystander and just look upon things. I wont even dress up to catch attention. Most probably, Ill just wear the clothes I usually wear depending on the occasions needs.

Thats why I cant understand people who keep on dressing up to catch attention but dont want to be looked at. Whenever I hear them complain, I only smile and try to tell them how obviously their dresses attract attention. Their situation is quite comic for me.

But I guess it goes the same way for meits comical that I still manage to go to parties and remain a faceless nobody. I might as well not go to the party. Hehe. I dont need anyone to notice me in some party in order to enjoy it, though.

I may not be the life of a party, but I am sure Im safe Wallflowers dont get into trouble that much.

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