gotta catch 'em all

At this very moment, I am not really sure what to think. All I have in mind is I have to post something for my blog because it has been ages since I have last posted something substantial.

Shall I tell you about Pokemon?

Right. Thats all I can think of anyway. Its my brothers fault. You see, he downloaded a GBA application which enables people to play Gameboy games using PCs. I thought it was about time that I got to play a different game since I already conquered Zuma several months ago and the swirling colorful balls dont interest me anymore.

Together with the application are the games themselves and some of them are Pokemon games. I could not believe my eyes at first and before I knew it, I was hooked. I am playing Pokemon Fire Red version by the way. It is my second time playing it through my PC. My first game has been corrupted by my own stupid fingers (I have saved a new game to my old game, huhu). I think I am spending at least one hour a day playing it, forsaking my blogs, my stories, my laundry, myself. Can you blame me? I have been in love with Pikachu for as long as I can remember.

Currently, I have already succeeded in the Pokemon League (for those who have played this, you know what I am saying). I am being too careful in saving the game otherwise the same file corruption will happen. Also, I am so careful in battling now, aiming for my Pocketmonsters to reach higher levels. To give you an idea, my Charmander (Eiji) is level 73, Zapdos(Syuusuke) is 53, Articuno(Masaharu) is 51, Pikachu (Fuji) 51, Gyarados (Yuuta) 43, and Gloom (Ibu) 41.And yes, you are reading it correctly. I have named them after Prince of Tennis characters.

The big problem is the version I have is not complete and it ends after the player has beaten Gary Oak. This is upsetting for me since I have been expecting more. Blame the reviews and guides I have seen in the internet.

I think I will try the other versions even if I am not familiar with the new generation of Pokemons (how can Japan produce so many?).

Thats just it. You have wasted your time reading an incoherent journal about Pokemons. Hehe.

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