baguio baguio baguio

I should have posted something about Baguio days ago. However, no matter how much I thought about it, i could not find the words to describe how I felt when I got to Baguio with my work mates--sheesh, you'd think this is my first time.

It took me seven years before I could go to the Summer Capital and back when I was in high school, I  did not have the luxury to enjoy as many places as I had last Saturday and Sunday.

Now I know, i only need sufficient money, friends tagging along, one itinerary maker, and 3 digital cameras--one of which is DSLR--and i can have fun. hehe

Next time ulit.

chezuka and i, waiting for the bus to move. hehe
janey and christine insist that i look good in this photo. hehe 1st out fit
2nd day outfit, cosplaying or pretending to be a soccer player. hehe

strawberries...need i say more. haha

greeting grandfather bangin a good morning. haha

trees of lothlorien...haha
it was raining in baguio the 2nd day we were there

liz (ms universe), janey(the bomboi. hehe), cherie (the itinerary maker), chezuka (inlove with Kabaji) and pearl (the girl with the knockout lines. hehe)...where's ara?

now there's ara. she's the girl in blue
felt like walking in japan, korea...or baguio...haha

flowers for my wedding. haha. told yah, i only need a groom.

the reason we went to baguio...haha.pasimuno
soon, i am going to be on top of the world. haha
stars on earth. 

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