endurance vs. patience

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He's the cause of my emotional disturbance. Having a relationship with him is like riding a roller coaster every day. One day I feel neglected. The next day, he makes me feel special. One afternoon he makes me angry without knowing. The next day he assures that he's taking things seriously despite his facade. It can be irritating at times. But I am beginning to see that I've been blessed to feel so much emotion. That though everything is topsy-turvy, I am moving—heading toward a direction. And I am not alone.

he said im pretty in this one.
a personal favorite. it's our first sweet picture

playing. hahah
you'd think that he's the serious one...wrong. ehehhe

sheesh. goofy selves again
because we're just this happy together

I will not endure him. Endurance is something I have when I am forced to do things I don't like. So I won't endure. I'll be patient instead. I pray that goes for him too.
my chipmunk and I

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