That my nails needed polishing had not come across my mind until yesterday. I was walking along the winding isle of the Novaliches Bagumbong Market when I saw a stall selling nail polishes of out-of-this-world colors (in the Philippines, that is, since the colors are I think common in Korea). I then looked at my nails and I saw my left thumb nail begging to be polished as it still had the remnants of the last nail color which was silver that I had put on two months ago. Yup. I definitely had to buy a new color.

I bought the color that I thought was good for my skin tone and my current profession (I still am not sure how the college will take it once a teacher uses black nail polish so I restrain myself until I am sure enough that I am not putting a toe--or finger nails--out of the line). First look, it was peach-pink, just exactly what I was looking for because it was bright  enough to be spunky yet not too loud to be distracting.

Upon applying it this morning I have realized that the color looks pretty in the bottle but it doesn't look that adorable on my nails. It looks like old-rose pink, not even a hint of peach that I have been looking for. It's cute, yep. That's it. I guess it is what to be expected from a cheap nail paint--yes, you've read that right, paint as it looks like a paint on my fingers and it smells like one too.

Conclusion? Since I have polished my nails again, I can't see the point of trying to remove the color anymore. I will just have to stick to it as long as it sticks to my finger tips. After that, I can buy another nail polish and have my vengeance. heheh. 

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