confessions of an ugly stepsister... the beginning.

When we grow up, we learn
that it’s far more common for human beings to turn into rats

I think  I have mentioned once that I choose contemporary books for light reading along side a very boring one. This way I can read two stories at the same time, finish one eventually if the other proves to be one for a person who doesn't do anything but read in his life. That is what I am doing right now. It has been a month since I have written that heart-wrenching thing about Hawthorne's novel. Until now I haven't finished the book. I have moved a couple of chapters though but I am still a loooooooooong way from finishing it. In fact, I am not even half-way through it.

What I am about to finish is the other novel, Magguire's Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. I have only started reading days ago when epiphany has dawned to me that it is stupid to bring a novel no matter how thick it is if I am not to read it. I have left The House of the Seven Gables at home and downloaded an ebook from my netbook and read the copy through my phone. This makes everything lighter and easier since I often look at my cellphone anyway.

As of the moment, the book hasn't gone below my expectations. In fact, it continues to amuse me with its charming descriptions and unpredictable story-line. Okay, that is waaay exaggerated. Since the novel is a "fanfiction" of a famous fairy tale "Cinderella," I already have a clue of what is going to happen. However, the creativity of the writer sifts pieces of ideas together and forms a plot that stands on its own--I am thinking of appropriately making a book review about it.

My goal is to finish it within two days. I still have to squeeze reading in my busy schedule. In school, I have my classes. At home, I mind the grades, papers to check, and my unfinished cross stitch. Besides, I also spend good time with my boyfriend or friends. How do I read? I only maximize the benefits of traffic by reading my ebook while aboard the cab.

I am not expecting a happy ending from the book. I only want to be satisfied with it and find myself having a happy ending by finishing it.

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