seat greed

Yesterday morning, a stout woman and her 'daughter' attempted to bully me. Attempted because it is not like I will let any person bully me. I found the incident foolish. Why? She was fighting for a seat. God. A seat.

By the time I had arrived in the 'fx' terminal, a van to Monumento came. I opened the door of the passenger seat and as I was about to aboard the van, this lady with a very shrill voice shrieked at me, "Miss, dyan kamEEEEEE. Nagpahuli nga kami para makaskay jan eh." (Miss, that's our seat . We have stayed behind so we can sit there."

All the while I was thinking why she was telling those things to me so my answer was, "Ano naman ngayon?"

She hit the ceiling. Hehe.  "Anong 'ano ngayon'? Kaya nga kmi nagpahuli ksi jan kmi uupo!" Sheesh. Practically the same lines?

Realizing that it was her way of saying it more than what she was trying to say that irritated me so much, I couldn't hold my temper much longer. "My gosh woman, you're fighting with me over a seat? Unsophisticated, uneducated, unlearned!" With my dignity intact, I sat at the back.

I thought she was about to retort again. Good thing she never did. I had prepared a speech for her telling her that she acted like a street vendor and I don't fight with street vendors who just had their first chance to sit in a van.

Goodness. Some commuters ought to remember that if they are willing to kill for a seat, not all people are like them. I for an example won’t waste my time and my pride arguing for a well-used seat.  Give me a golden seat worth a million and probably I will change my mind.

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