A Long-Term Relationship

I got acquainted with Writing when I was in High School. That was the period when all the other girls in school were hooked up with boys, kissing, and teenage drama. I was then in love with animes and books. There was a time when I thought some animes did not work according to how they should, and being an ambitious child with so many dreams, I thought I could do little changes in them. Little did I know that I was already into writing fanfictions.

My fantasy of rewriting fanfictions sugarcoated itself with a made-up dream of becoming a journalist. I got inspired by reporters and I had this fantasy of going to England through BBN to meet J.K. Rowling herself and thank her for introducing Harry Potter to the world. This was just a diversion though.
When I learned that there was a website called Fanfiction.net, I knew that Writing wanted to have a steady relationship with me. After reading things from the website, I thought it was my turn to share things to the world. There I started my long term relationship with Writing.

This relationship was not smooth sailing. I stumble and fall. Writing found me falling short of its standards. I could not express myself sufficiently and effectively. I misused words and tenses. Alas, I thought it would forever dump me.

But Writing was patient. It recommended reading books to widen my vocabulary. After a while, not only J. K Rowling inspired me. There were Jack London, J. R. R. Tolkien, Mark Twain, C. S. Lewis , etc. Writing also told me to practice and put extra effort in my writing assignments. It encouraged me to write more fanfictions as they trained my mind to weave plots and put words together like Lego Blocks. College became my official training ground. I failed several times. Funny though, that in the times that I stumbled I gained rewards.

Then came the challenges in our relationship. In every competition I joined in, I thought our bond was being tested. We proved to be unbreakable as I won them again and again. Every year, I made sure that I had my name on top. It was a proof that I was unwilling to break off this relationship. Every year, I renew our contract.

After 13 years of being in a relationship with Writing, I thought it was a little topsy-turvy. Sometimes we were at cold war and I wouldn’t be writing anything for days, even weeks. At times when it is smoothly sailing, I could write two short stories a day with a stanza of poetry at the side. I’m still looking for a stable relationship though. I need an assurance that Writing won’t ever leave me as I have promised to do the same. Although I don’t join contests anymore, I still write journals and blogs. I won’t let the fire die and leave this world with nothing to show for. I’m willing to have a long term relationship with Writing.

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