a snake in paradise

Just when you thought that you were safe in your own paradise, a tiny black snake would come and bite you in your vulnerability. However, just like God has promised, Eve shall strike the snake with her heels, you would eventually learn how to crush the snake no matter how clever or poisonous it looked. In the end, you would have the upper hand. You would heal. You would be stronger whereas the snake would be forever dead, and it could only look at you through ghostly eyes.

I could never write how betrayed I felt after learning that my slyness had been reported to the Superior. More than feeling bad, I felt pity for that person who has chosen to betray just to suck up to the Higher Up. What courage this Snake had or didn't have, I do not know, but it surely took him/her an utmost effort to suck someone else's balls to get ahead.

I shall never look at this event in my life regretfully. I have learned so much. 1)People who don't posses the amount of bravery I have take other routes to feel they are better. 2) I will go directly to the Superior to edit his works right at his face, 3) (yes, I learned) I can simply fence unimportant people out of my life.

What a great day this is, as if I were in Paradise, with a dead snake underneath my heels!

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