08 february

It was his birthday but I couldn’t care a bit. Probably someone from the outer world is occupying my mind...or probably I refused to think about him...

Days earlier I had thought of not texting him...just to wonder how he would feel once he would notice I didn’t greet him... But i decided against it. I thought I would just be fooling if not hurting myself. Somehow there is this part in me that tells me it wouldn’t affect him at all. And for me, it would hurt the most.

SO i greeted him anyway and received a curt reply.

I admit that it was a great effort for me neither to call nor text him back. I only thought that i would make matters worse for myself. The only loser in this case is me. My dislike for losing helped me get through the situation and I was able to get home with my pride intact.

However, at the end of the day, I still thought of him. Even made a blog entry about him. And that’s that.

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