they are loud yet empty

Every human being has his own share of dislike for some people. In my case, I dislike loud people who can only see the fault of others but cannot see their own blunders. Most of the time the same loud people commit ten times of the faux pas an ordinary man can do in a day. How come, you ask? Because, they keep on pointing at the imperfections of others, driving the insults to the hearts. But do they see themselves. No. Of course they don’t. They are filled with the images they created for themselves. They are blind from their own defects even if they already face their reflections.

But more than my distaste for them, I pity them the most. They go on living like they are the kings and queens of the world and yet they rot, they putrefy. They stink and reek with arrogance paired with ignorance and stupidity. They mock others as a form of self justification because they know that given a chance, those people whom they jeer will retaliate and pulverize them.

I also pity them for the uncertainty that their attitudes will change. I can just imagine them, aged and unloved. I pity them because I really don’t believe they are happy. I mean, if they were, they wouldn’t need to step unto other people’s shoes.

They can laugh right now for all they want. I know somehow they will eventually choke. I just hope that once they do, it will not be too late for them to change. Tsk tsk... Pity.

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