After a long while I saw a helicopter

After a long while I saw a helicopter, soaring in the evening clouds. I felt nostalgic of the things I used to do when I was still working in parańaque. I used to work in this company in Pacific Coast condominium/hotel (?) (owned by a particular Ybasco… If I were related to that Ybasco, I never found out) somewhere near Coastal Road and NAIA. The main office was located at the 24th (was it 23rd? oh my, I can’t remember anymore. It has been two years already when I had that job) floor, and the employees quarters are at the 11th floor. Our room then was 1101, the room facing the coastal road. I have good pictures taken from the windows of the room and somehow those pictures upset me since I don’t live in an open area anymore. I’m stuck in the cave my family chose to live in and I still have to wait for 5 months before I can get my phone’s signal properly.

In that job, I usually slept late as I listened to my bosses’ somehow inaudible rants of improving the company (what’s good about Koreans is they don’t stop planning even it’s already the wee hours of dawn. They don’t stop working until the job is done. Bunch of workaholics if that’s how you like to describe them.) and as I did so, I watched how the sky changed its colors from the lightest of blue, to the darkest, and to its lightest once more. I couldn’t take for granted the airplanes and helicopters that passed by. I even waved at a helicopter once, and attempted to create a music video out of nothing to do. Well, right now, the only flying things I see through our windows are bugs.

Somehow it is unnerving to know that I did not appreciate my life back then. I still have a copy of my journal when I started working in that company. I wanted to get myself out of the work area because one of the bosses had a series (sessions, more like it) of arguments with his girlfriend. I couldn’t help but be affected because they fought in front of me. Not once did I think that they were talking about me. I ranted about not being appreciated for my hard work. I ranted for not being in the limelight.

Suddenly, those rants minimized when Mr. Lee started to exert his power in the company. I had opportunities laid down before me. I knew more people. I interacted with colleagues I hadn’t thought of befriending. There’s Karen, that loud and extremely raucous Krenggay who influenced me with her addiction to Radio Active Sago Project. Followed by Eminemskittles who was and still is into public service. Then Joycee-chan came into the picture and introduced to us this funny creature named…I forgot the name but it was a hamster. No it wasn’t Hamtaro. It was far from it. After a while, Joan came, brining a little bit of sophisticated femininity to the company’s life. Only to be disturbed by the “carpe diem” personality of Maria. All in all, we complete the “bombois” family of Mr. Lee.

now I want to do everything I can to pull those days back, now that I realize what I want. Now that I realize that I was already very close to my dreams, achieving what I want back then but I did not take the risk and here I am trying to get the time I have lost. Thanks to the helicopter, I have a good picture of how fast time can go and how I took it for granted.

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Blazestriker said...

Good that you know what you really want. Wishing you the best of luck retrieving what you have long laid down in the past. May fate help you in forging your destiny...