Facebook can connect you to your friends from the different part of the world. This is a big “yes yes” to one of the largest e-sites. But Facebook’s advantage doesn’t stop there. It also connects you to your friends’ “howe,” as my Chinese students call them, even if you don’t want to meet them—and this irks me.

It has been quite a long while since I had a decent contact with some of my highschool classmates. Thanks to interactive sites, I can manage to drop them a message or two and see how they have been getting along. Once, I posted a comment about a high school classmate’s profile picture. Lo and behold! Someone retorted with “wag mong awayin ang baby ko.” Suffice it to say that I was stunned for some minutes; I didn’t know how to react. All I know is the girl got into my nerves (obviously).

I just can’t see her point in butting into some other people’s business. The big question is who she is anyway. Was I even talking to her? As far as I can remember, I posted the comment on His wall, not on Hers. Was I even ridiculing my high school classmate? Didn’t I know my limitations of how much I can joke around with him?

Fine. She wants me to know that this guy is her boyfriend already. But why? I wasn’t even thinking of asking him to be MY boyfriend.

I don’t care if she’s the girlfriend and she knows him better than I do but I knew him first. And I am certainly not in the mood to know a jejemonic girl who doesn’t do anything but to check on her boyfriend’s facebook wall.

I was about to respond with “???? Sino ka????” or “ was I asking if you were his boo” but I stopped myself. Doing so would earn me a bad shot.

My only concern is, how many girls like her would I meet in facebook? Are they many? Are they as vicious, as obsessive, as possessive?

For the mean time, I rest my case.

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Blazestriker said...

And that is why I keep a low profile...
Anyways, don't let it get to ya. After all, you've already done whatever you have to do, so there's really no point on even reading such a reply.