My list of reasons that old friends are better than new ones

  • as any of my lists, this list would probably be longer than intended no matter how few i put on this page for now. Whoever wants to include something to the list may post contributions on the "comments" portion. You will be properly acknowledged. thanks. 

  • 1 assuming a new personality is NOT needed—and it works both ways. I don’t need to “change” since they think it’s crappy. They don’t need to because I think it’s funny. Both ways, we don’t have to put on effort and airs to conceal how stinky we smell in the morning or how we like our green mangoes with soy sauce and sugar.
  • 2 telling the most confidential and most intriguing thought is NOT as embarrassing at it seems—because they have worse things in their heads. We don’t need to cover our faces to hide our surprise, our shock, our disappointment. Hiding these things is a bigger crime to friendship as they say. Let’s say for example, they talk about the absurdity of morality and sex and I choose to sulk in a corner. They just laugh my incapacity to participate in their intellectual talk. Even, they scowl at me, thinking that I am too close-minded to accept the fact that they are all liberated.
  • 3 planning to meet again is NOT as vague as it sounds—we can go anywhere and anytime we feel like it. Sometimes, the more we plan the lesser the chance for us to see again. “we are just a text a way,” materializes whenever we go out. My recent hang-out with some university friends happened through Facebook. Without a plan. Without even a good budget.
  • 4 Going somewhere is NOT really a question—Old friends don’t laugh when I suddenly want to go to Manila Bay. Or a Karaoke bar. Or even just a small-time canteen. New friends sometimes find excuses that they have to go somewhere or they simply don’t have money. 

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Anonymous said...

2-4, love it!!! ^_^


pwede mong sbihn ang kahit ano sa old friends mo at hnd k nla huhusgahan.

hindi mo rin kailangang magpanggap para ipakita na me nagawa sa buhay mo.

at syempre, pwede mong sabihin lahat ng mga negative criticism mo without sugar coating it...