an exhausting weekend, it was

Last weekend probably was one of the most productive weekends that I have had. It was a roller coaster ride that yesterday evening, I fell asleep in the church.

My weekend started when I finished reading Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. It was already 6:10 Saturday morning when I realized that I finally found out that I was at the last pages of the book. Honestly I had found difficulty in finishing it because of our house’s condition and the book had not helped at all. As of the moment I don’t have any heart to make a review for the novel. I plan to make one though where I can post all of the pains I experienced in reading it (will that be a review?).

At 7 p.m., I went to Louie G. Mendoza’s house and talked with him about so many things. I usually ask him for enlightenment on situations that I find blurry. I am not what anyone can call a subjective person but I have my blind spots so at times, I need a person who can confront me about it. What is more is, it is easier (for me) to disclose complicated topics to men since they think in a very straight line. I don’t know if this is negative or positive for other people but it is positive for me. The most important factor is Louie is one of the closest male friends I have and we have had a series of chats and contradictions before. He is usually the first person (from the list of my male friends, 4th if I’ll include my father and brothers) I send messages to whenever I have a problem.

8pm, I saw Toy Story 3 (sponsor: Mr. Louie Mendoza)! At last. Hehe. After watching so many Korean dramas, Japanese animations, and Meet the Fockers, I finally saw a movie that is worth my time. I think I have to see it again though since it is worth watching twice. Also, I have decided to make a review on it.

8:30 I met a new person, James, Louie and Ed’s friend. He is pretty cool and friendly. He and Uie invited me to jog with them the next day. Uie made me promise that I would join since I broke my first promise to join him, Saturday morning. It wasn’t as if it had been my fault. I had been on the way to his house; I had just needed to put a foot outside the door when I received a message that I shouldn’t push myself to go with him. Back then, the idea of staying at home was more tempting than reducing body fats so I decided not to go.

11:15 p.m. I got home and edited some files in my computer. I need to back up some of my files and before doing so, I have to change some titles and contents. I re-watched some anime episodes and rewrote their titles to make myself not fall asleep.

0800-1000 am after having a light lunch, Uie, James and I started our fitness day with brisk walking from Quirino Stadium to Raha Solaiman. We then jogged to CCP—at least they did; I had to stop every now and then to get used to the pain near my stomach. When I finally got to CCP, I lost them. With the hundreds of people so conscious of their health, I could not find their familiar faces. I had not expected the places to be so crowded. Thinking that they had gone around the area, I went the other way to “meet” them. However, I saw neither Uie nor James. I only saw tennis courts. I considered myself lucky.

Ever since I started being addicted to Prince of Tennis, I became interested in looking for good tennis courts. I had remembered seeing one in Tarlac and several in Mexican dramas when I was still in high school. Back then, my idea of tennis was a sport played by old men who could not find a place where they could throw their money. Everything changed—am I actually saying that an animation changed my life? Grow up!—and I got interested in finding courts where my friends, who share the same addiction, and I could go to. Voila! I was intently looking for young men, around 15 years, who could play, hoping that somehow it wasn’t just an idea that kids could play tennis. I just had to see a Filipino do it. Imagine my frustration, seeing old men playing the game. Nah. Some things never change.

At the point where I was willing to submit to my frustration and exhaustion, I saw my companions—or they saw me. As soon as they did, they immediately asked me to follow their routine…to go up and down the slope of CCP, thank you very much. I imagined I was in Seigaku’s or Rikkaidai’s or Shitenhouji’s Tennis clubs and I really had to endeavor the harsh training. My imagination did not work.

After that, we ran towards the Coconut Grove/ Mansion/ Palace whachamacallit, turned a corner to marvel at Sofitel for a while, and reached our “badminton” spot (that’s where we want to play badminton next weekend. Can’t wait!).

The next routine was a pretty easy one. Ascend and descend the stairs of “Wow, Philippines” three times. Yes it was pretty easy. Pretty easy to drop. I gave up after the second time that I ascended. I took lots of photos while waiting for them to finish.

We danced, walked, walked some more to their hearts’ content then at last we want back to our starting point. I kept complaining about my legs’ condition but my companions seemed deaf every time I pointed this out to them.
I vowed to give myself a hearty meal as a reward for being able to bear the rigorous exercise, which I did in Chowking. It was as if I had lost pounds in 2 hours of exercising only to gain them in 30 minutes of lunch.

What was even rewarding than the meal was what I heard from James: I have a cool father. I know that already and I have always been proud of it but hearing this from a person I have just met made me feel extremely…well…proud.

After some time, we went back to Uie’s place and had some rest (while evaluating actors, actresses, and television programs) then we went to Divisoria to look for a good pair of shoes for cheap.

We went home.

But it was not the end for me.

I still went to church in Pioneer. I was able to listen to the Pastor’s preaching but 20 % of the time, I was already in dream land. I almost fell asleep while standing and about to really FALL twice. I was quite lucky to have Bon Jaina to catch and support me.

That was when I decided to go home. I needed sleep more than anything. I got home at 1030 pm.

The next thing I knew, it was already 12 noon, Monday. I had to work again.

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