the time when i pushed the vlc screen capture

I have contemplated long and hard whether I should post this or not. as you can see, I am not just a regular nobody as I proclaim that I am.  I do believe that there are eyes looking at me, their traps wide open-ready to judge, waiting for me to fall.

However, I've already gone beyond that. It's been ages since I've learned that my life is not dictated by what people want me to be nor who they see me as. After all, I am what I want them to see soooooo...

my favorite pair

the tensai

Fuji Syuusuke, serious mode ON

love triangle?

yes, it's a love triangle

the perfect pair

You might be asking, "why the long introduction..."

I am just aware and maybe afraid that people may find me immature...but i guess that's pretty much what I am...haha

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