lying and I

Niou Masaharu
I am not going to proclaim that I am a Holden Caulfield, the biggest liar that I can ever meet . The mere idea is too pretentious to me. I will be satisfied by labeling myself as Niou, the trickster. 

There is more to him in me than Kikumaru Eiji and Fuji Syuusuke put together, I have just figured out. The ability to mask who we really are is but a flick of our fingers.

Being the best, he can immediately sense sugarcoated sins, bedazzling bluffs and incoherent inconsistencies. Having these capabilities, he forms a different picture of who he wants people to see him as. He does not point out their stupidity. It gives him excitement seeing them make a fool of themselves trying to make him believe. How he savors the look on their faces when they think they have convinced him! What is more is he relishes the idea that people will soon entangle themselves to their self-images like the puppets he often uses. And he, Niou Masaharu, will be patiently waiting at the finish line to cut the strings and crush them.
 It's a part of the fic I have written about him that you can find in: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6754601/1/

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