the mentalist part II

..so I got addicted to a t.v series which I have only seen once. But i can't help falling in love with a modern-Sherlock Holmes (have I said I'm addicted to Doyle's most famous character? OH, Maryl Amarante, my former classmate introduced me to him and since then on, i've been his huge fan...and a fan of characters who resemble him, even just a bit)

.amidst my mother's plea "Magpahinga ka na, baka mabinat ka, yung ngipin mo, may pasok ka pa bukas" i watched the tv series while i propped my head on a lousy pillow, trying to numb a little bit of pain.

.Simon Baker plays the indifferent Patrick Jane well enough to convince my poor hypothalamus that all indifferent detectives are really thinking....hehe

..last night's episode was about the battle between a psych and a mentalist. both were trying to solve a murder case. the psych was somehow related to the victim since the latter used to be the first's client.She was able to help the detectives solve the case through her "visions" which were true enough. However, she was still no match for the Mentalist. She was able to point out who the murderer was by putting up a "spirit summon". PAtrick, the mentalist, on the other hand had already known the murderer from the start of the investigation. He only needed some help in "persuading" the person to confess as she was the daughter of the victim.

.probably what enticed and entices me the most in watching the series is the power of words themselves
(It was amazing how Patrick Jane was able to point out who the murderer was through words...).. Also, how gifted people are able to decipher different meanings of sentences based on how they are delivered puts me on the "follow-up" mode for the next episode... .i so love it...can you tell?...hehe

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