patrick jane smiles and i sigh

"I don'tcare about the law. I care about justice."

In the midst of controversial issues on political killings and advertisements, I went on watching The Mentalist. Not only it saves me a lot of trouble thinking of unthinkable things, it distracts me from the constant pressure the work place is giving me (I'm loaded, pff).

Last night, Mr. Jane tried to crack series of arson cases. He was doing quite well then when he had a fair argument with a team mate. The argument was about "law vs. justice vs. vengeance."

I couldn't help thinking of my "debate" days when The PNU Debate Team would hold series of conferences and try-outs (FYI i never became a main debater--at least the team did boost my confidence). Oneof the hottest topics that time was doing something wight vs doing something that you think is right.

The "law vs. justice vs. vengeance" not only echoes the memories of the past but the current status of governance whether local or national. It is quite unnerving to think that we have laws but we don't have justice. We have documented ideas but no lasting actions.

Somehow it dictates to me that whoever we place on the highest position in the Executive Body of the Government must be a man of justice and not just a man of law.

But duh?! Who cares!

I had seen Patrick Jane smile and I had a good dream...

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