Rock with You

He had just been back from Taiwan last Friday when I asked him for a favor: a performance. I knew it was too much to ask since he isn’t my student anymore, he isn’t a part of the MASCKS anymore, and lastly and most importantly, he had just been back.

But I assure myself, it was just right.

First, he was and is one of the best dancers I know (even Eds says so). I still can't imagine the Movers without him.

Second, he needs to have exposure. He isn't doing anything anymore and he told me once that he still wants to dance and perform on stage. He needs to be visible in school naturally to help us in our rehearsals. At least, he won't feel bored. And actually I believe that I am doing him a favor and not the other way around.

And lastly, it's no use denying it, I do like to see him dance. It is not because I simply adore him--doing so is a crime against the Magna Carta (although he is not a student anymore...hm...hehe) People who can do things unexpected of them are more interesting for me than people who can do what is expected of them. In his case, he was one of the lousiest students in my class last year. Back then, I had gotten so angry with him and his peers that I had almost condemned them to hell. I had consoled myself by concluding that I wouldn't care for people who are of no use and couldn't help themselves. How surprised I had been to know he was one of Edsie's best dancers.

First impressions really don't last as my first impressions of him spilled from my brain when I first saw him on the dance floor.

Fromthen on, I supported his dancing endeavors.

That's the main reason I had when I had asked him to dance (which he humbly accepted)

He had had a night of preparation, but goodness knows had he been more prepared, the cool, slow and quite sexy "Rock with You" could have been flawless.

In my addiction, I was even singing MJ's song up until I was eating with a friend in BK Glorietta 4(she promised to smash me with her leather purse if I would whistle the tune).

Whether my request was for personal gain or simply a way for him to get back, I don't know. Up until now, I'm guilty of child abuse. All i know is i'm anticipating a lighting bolt to struck me any time...hehe

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