·         you enjoy your vacation and sleep too much. Sometimes even, you sleep the whole day and you get muscle cramps. You forget your requirements. Guess what, the requirements you have been avoiding to do knock on the door now. Haha. And you are confused. Where are you going to begin? What do you need to finish first? The point is, you have to finish them all. That’s the problem.
·         You endure the “sniders” your know-it-all classmates throw at you. Nah. Of course they won’t say it is you. Who would be that brave if not stupid? Well, they are stupid in a way because they think you were stupid and they could make you look more stupid. If that isn’t what you call stupidity, I don’t know what it is then. They do what they do because they think they know more than you do, because they have already been in the Masters’ class since before you were born and you have to give them the credit because up until now they haven’t graduated and that’s saying something. And they even think they look better than you do? C’mon! Let that pass! If they are comparing their looks to yours, just let them be. Who would believe them anyway seeing the pounds of flesh they did not care to conceal. And yeah, you are younger anyway. Just give it up for your grannies.
·         You answer a very difficult finals exam-and to think that you took one as hard earlier. What is worse is awhile ago, you took a one-shot exam. This afternoon, you are taking a 7-question exam; you have to choose five that you can answer. The problem is all of them are difficult. Almost to the point that you can’t answer any. And if you can, you can’t get your mind straight. And you know that each question needs a two-page answer. What a day, don’t you think? You ask yourself why you decided to attend this final day. Ah! So you are afraid of failing the class. You must have not been absent in the first place, you idiot!

And right now, all you can do is to stare at the effortlessly blank page until sleep over-powers you. Well, you do have a decision. You can just end your agony by telling your professor that the exam is really difficult. It is beyond your super human intelligence. You can advise him to do other test that may assess what you have learned—if you have learned a thing from your absences. Or better yet, stop doing these useless and senseless ranting and start answering your agonizing final paper!

*I did this in the middle of answering my final examination in my 2nd subject, Contemporary Anglo-American Literature, also taught by Mr. Venancio Mendiola. I was absent for 2 consecutive sessions for reasonable causes. For this I was included in his black list. He even threatened that he was to give me a different set of test questions. But he didn’t. I learned my lesson the hard way. (20 march 2010, 1:25 p.m)

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