not really a memorable one: my first trip to the post office

It was my first time to go to the post office alone this morning. What an effort it was! I had to wake up quite early--and for me it was really early since it's vacation-- around 8. And I was rushing. I didn't have a clue whether the post office closes at 12nn for their lunch break. So I did my best to shake my lazy bones, and grumpy that I was, being awaken early, I endured the two-hour ride to the giant mailbox (it wasn;t supposed to be that way...it should have been and hour only but greedy drivers are on their glory nowadays, they do stop at every corner of the street and I am not exaggerating). 

The point is I got there, not knowing what to do. I didn't even bring sufficient money for my parcel. i thought that a hundred is enough to send one book to the other side of the world. I'm a dummy I know. I got in the post office at 11:15. not bad. I still had 45 minutes to "send" the gift. 

But I wasted the 45 minutes that I had by moving around, checking windows, looking for signs or directions for sending things. Nala. I didn't see any thing. I only saw a poster of how to apply for a postal I.d. and yeah, I almost forgot, the list of weight plus the equivalent prize. I thought it was the thing that I really needed. But i couldn't convince myself.

So I texted Joycee-jam for how-tos. However, she couldn't advice me anything aside from using the regular mailing way since she hasn't experienced sending a parcel yet.

I was about to take her advice and I ventured once again int he sea of faces and summoned my remaining courage before the city hall clock could say "time's up!" Since I am the type of person who doesn't admit stupidity, I searched for a friendly face. I found one. I thought, "At last! Here's the answer to my needs!"

After all was said and done, I ended up having the parcel in my bag. The reason? The book I want to send costs P499 and the sending fee is P1050.

In all honesty? I still ask myself why I woke up early this morning.


Cherille Lim said...

I probably have no right to comment, considering that I haven't been that friendly or close but I have my reasons. One is that I'm too self-conscious. I have had bad experience with teachers and well, I kind of thought that it's better to stay away from those that don't know you that well because they might misinterpret you. I'm really sorry. I have no self-confidence and I easily get paranoid. I still hope for you to be our moderator next year for the Guild. I'm really, really, sorry!

WalaAkongKwenta said...

..thanks a lot my dear, you don't need to be anxious to put a comment here...I am even grateful that you follow my blog... In terms of being paranoid, you are not alone. I am too . Hehe. I understand you... In terms of being the moderator, you will have someone better...someone who will really be in charge... Good luck for the next term.