bookish bookworm

My 4-year college seatmate, Rodel Violago, once told me that he didn't regret buying books which he wouldn't use for the meantime. "Other people would be able to read them anyway if I couldn't."

Although more of a gadget addict he was, and still is, he really treasures books and he doesn't lose the hope that his future grandchildren will rea them as their inheritance.

Thanks to him, more than just a bibliophile, i'm now a panic-book-buyer. Whenever there is a book interesting enough for me, I buy it. Even though the book isn't even relate to my course, I don't care, as long as i can afford it. Right now, I have more books than i can manage. I have bought books that i don't even touch; i have books that i don't even read.

I have 14 Shakespeare, 7 Alice Walker, 5 Tolkien, 5 LM MOntgomery and other books, I lost count. Ieven have two editions for a book.

Even my shelfari account isn't updated.

Sometimes i wonder if buying those books is worthit. But then, I hear kuya Rodel's voice, "Books are good investments."

For now, i can't say when i can stop my hand from purchasing 4books everytime I finish one--as soon as my pockets burst? But anyway, to lessen my guilt, i'm starting to read Doyle's Lost World, Conrad's Lord Jim, and Swift's Gulliver's Travels. Congratulations to me whichever book I finish first.

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