Crazy by Kenny Rogers

I guess I'm crazy

crazy for you can't you see

although you may think

it's crazyhere

it's where I want to be

I will always need your love.

Alright.. so after a long while, I'm writing about this topic again.blame it to the compilation of songs i have in my phone.

While I was checking papers, I had my earplugs on, not giving too much attention to the random mode of the song selection. so there I was, in my own solitude, waiting for the blessed last period bell when all of a sudden this song played. I could have skipped the entire song but i didn't (why didn't I?). all i thought of was the feeling a girl could feel once her loved one sings this to her....

way too crappy you might say...way to girly...way too cheesy, sappy, and all but hey, i'm a piece of the nobody world trying to be like anybody and that's the point. meaning everybody has the right to tell me i'm cheesy because everybody has felt being cheesy in his or her own way (denial, was, has been, is, will always be a crime)... C'mon. who could probably tell me i'm not cheesy right now... I dare you... harhar

..still, i'm not going to dot my i's with hearts.