a mere bagatelle

I don't know about you but i've kept on waiting. probably you wouldn't think about me for a minute. wish i could do the same, but you see, forgetting about you and all the things we've shared isn't easy. You've been a friend, a confidante. But just a friend. So as a friend, I 've waited.

And you probably forgot that i'm waiting. You see, I still am. But it doesn't matter now, at least to you. Because for you, i'm a mere bagatelle. something you can take for granted. I wasn't even surprised to know you're back from Jupiter and you didn't even bother to text. and i felt it was just yesterday when you called to say goodbye. i guess you can't be bothered by a hello. No I wasn't surprised. I was disappointed. But i understand. I know it's easy to forget a bagatelle.

So here I am, still waiting. I would be waiting for as long as I live, or until I get tired...or until I have another thing to wait for. But I will wait. You see I'm not yet tired of hoping you'll knock your head hard and remember that I'm here.

and just in case you ask why:

Unlike you, I remember that you told me I was important.

And I can't be moved.


Anonymous said...

Aw... kawawa naman you, hehehe. I hope that he/she will eventually recognize your existence. Good luck my lil bagatelle... hehehe


WalaAkongKWenta said...

...he recognizes me whenever i'm around. which is hard for me to categorize as flattery or insult..

..and excuse me...for all i know, i'm little but i'm not yours. haha....