nothing but a piece of paper

..no matter how hard i tried i couldn't keep myself from saying i love 3-6 more than i love 3-4. i got so angry with my beloved advisory section specifically on a student who thinks he knows everything just because he's the son of a seasoned teacher.

...somethings i don't like about in students are:

1. they keep on having alibis that don't cover up their blunders.

2. they lie

3. they cheat

given that i've been a student once (and i should understand), i've never answered my teacher "ma'am it's nothing; it's a piece of paper"

by jimminy, i know what a piece of paper is and so does everybody with the minutest brain.

...just releasing the tension:

i know it's bad for me to label students, and have favoritism. when i was a student, i hated teachers who favored sections other than their own. so i know what it feels like for them...but you see, i think it doesn't matter for them if they know.

"Enough of the audacity. I would not put up with that kind of attitude."

Why can't they understand that what teachers need in times of cloudy days( figuratively) is honesty.

It's adding insult to injury.

.it's insane, absurd and stupid..

..and i couldn't help myself from blurting out: "ang yabang nyo eh. wala pa naman kayong napapatunayan. look at 3-6, i've been with them for a year and they're still humble."

...and all those things that could come out from an honest heart injured by a merciless retort.

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Blazestriker said...

Hahaha, I pity 3-4 for their insensitivity *no offense dudes*, well guess thats the down side of teaching... ya better get used to it. hehehe... wish you good luck with em. XD