nailing their mouths shut

I should be used to people saying things about me every now and then. My only wish is if i'm around, they should be brave enough to point my faults to me,straight to my face.

it's ok if they would be telling me my faults, my indifference, my attitude, to me...not to their friends who know no better.

why do they keep on telling things about me, about my peers, which is not their responsibility in the first place...thank you very much but it's absurd..stupid...idiotic...

why do they have to keep a blind eye. vertically challenged i am, not an idiot. are they supposed to keep on talking about me as if i'm not around.

if they're brave enough, how come they don't talk to me. how come they ask a person who's not even related to me.

if they can't do any better, why can't they just shut up and contribute to human kind's silence.

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Anonymous said...

chill lang maam >:D< NANDITO KAMI PARA SAYO >:D< -bianca s.