The Bread Key-Chain and Other Spongebob Stuffs

I've been acquainted with 3-6 for sometime already. Actually i handled them last year in English II. I'm almost accustomed to their mood swings and they are to mine as well. And with all honesty, among the sections I’m handling, I’m most attached to them.

I’m not going to lie; I’m torn between my advisory section 3-4 and them. Suffice it to say, II-4 and I still have differences to settle unlike 3-6 which has established a bond with me.

God has given me a big opportunity of handling such a section that has somehow persuaded me to stay for a year longer in the teaching profession. Those students have not only given me key chains,

stuffed toys,
and greeting card. They haven’t only treated me to Shakey’s
or McDo. They continuously shower me with smiles, laughter, bits of information, and heaps of problems.

I even have a promise to them that I shall wait for their graduation So I am pressured. I’m challenged to do my best for them, to give the best of my abilities just to ensure that they wouldn’t remember me as their English teacher but someone who has inspired them to do their best as they have inspired me.

. What feeling it will be to see them going up stage one by one…the satisfaction that somehow I’ve imparted something to them…the pride that those students are not only English proficient but also noble students.
And when the time comes for them to leave,
I shall proudly say, “They are my first borns, ready to face the world.”

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha, thats a joy of being a teacher, thats what makes teaching worth it, even if you get low salary(kayo nagsabi...hehehe)
hope that you continue to inspire them(and me...hehehe)XD