All in a Day's Work

Last Friday, our HRM students went to an event in SM MOA Convention Center. Since I handle HRM students for their Effective Oral Communication Skills every Tuesday and Friday, that meant one "no-class" day for me.

checked and recorded
It was not like I did  not do anything at all. I checked tons of paper like I never did before. I surfed the net through my phone which was not at all unsatisfactory but it would have been better if I had brought with me my netbook. After that, I checked once more. I think I was able to finish everything I needed to check and I only left some for recording. Plus I had a rehearsal with some members of my Music Club. It was a very productive day.

I cannot say I immensely enjoyed not having a class. I had to bear boredom and wait for the time to tick. But from to time, I also need a day like that to finish checking things without sacrificing my class preparations or my days off. 

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