guess who

"I hate you, I am fine living without you."

I know I should not be affected of the crap that you did to me. What crap? A "deleting me from your Facebook account" kind of crap. I don't even know why I give a shit about it. All I know is I am affected and I don't know why.

Honestly, I am angrier to myself that I have let you affected me like this. Being deleted or blocked from Facebook accounts of other people doesn't concern me particularly if the feeling is mutual dislike. Only huge attachment can shake me. If I had just known you from some workplace, or met you in a seminar or any other interactive sites, it would not matter. But you? You were a school mate. It was a position not too remote nor familiar.

You, well, I did not resent you. Nor did I like you. It was more of respect that we both lived in different worlds, and somehow these worlds could only collide in the academe.

I felt tension in those days we were stuck in the class together. We had so many similarities and so many differences at the same time-- it sucked. Let us just say that I did not like being overshadowed by you that was why I did my best to prove that I was better.

Well, you could say I should be happy that we won't have any means of communication. I am not. Why?

What irks me is the feeling that without a sweat, you have won in the battle I have prepared for for so long and I haven't had a say in it. Why? Facebook doesn't have this application asking the other party if they want to be deleted.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

You may not have been my friend. You have made yourself my enemy. It is just so unfortunate that you won’t have a taste of how bad I can actually be. I can say you're quite lucky, you have saved yourself just in time.

It will probably take me days to get over this situation. I will definitely think about this from time to time. I will probably ask myself why.

I have to commend you though-- you have done me good. This has made me realize that my pride is more important than you. Damn right it is. I have concluded that losing you is less a harm compared to asking you to add me to your account again. Thank you for teaching me this.

If by chance, you will come upon this blog entry, remember that I have done this knowing that you won't probably read it. And if you have, well congratulations to me. If you have been affected, let's just call it quits.

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