Paws and Claws

I had my first professional manicure last Sunday. I used to do it on my own though, and it is relatively cheaper, I must say, but pretty time consuming, bothersome, boring. These were some of the reasons I barged in a salon. More than that is because my brother, who is about to get married and only comes home once in a blue moon, had pointed out several weeks ago that my hands did not look good anymore.

For a  person who had used to receive compliments for long slender fingers, receiving that remark was a blow and it was harsh for me. I must admit that I did not take good care of my hands. I only used lotion, hand moisturizer, body butter  whenever I feel like it. I polished my nails every time there was an opportunity–which means if there were new nail polishes on the shelf. Now, I am paying the price of my negligence. Literally.

But that is going to change. Last Sunday was the start of my pampering movement. It doesn’t mean that I have to go to the salon every week. It will be very expensive. They don’t do anything extraordinary anyway save the number of minutes one can spare. I guess I just have to persevere: buy myself decent polishes, and self-manicure stuffs, endeavor doing it at least twice a month. Once again, I am putting something on my planner which I am not sure I can fulfill. I hope I can though. Aja.

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