Mada Mada Dane

It has been awhile since I have blogged about Prince of Tennis. I cannot even remember the last time I have written a fanfiction about the anime. I also do not watch anymore but there is one thing that makes me want to relive my PoT addiction: Ryoma Echizen's cap.

I am not a Ryoma-fan not because he is a complete jerk, as some profess. I do like the fact that he is a renowned tennis player already before he comes to Seigaku. This makes the anime quite unique from those that usually start with the protagonist being weak and getting stronger as the stories progress. I am not his fan because...because there are more characters with extraordinary characteristics. They also deserve to be noticed. Among them are Fuji, Eiji, Niou, Shiraishi, and Oshitari.

Last Monday, two of my Criminology students, Joe Alison Allacon and Regor dela Cruz, gave me a cap as a belated New Year's gift. At first I could not recognize the cap, given the span of time since I have last seen Prince of Tennis. After few minutes, it finally sank in. It was Ryoma Echizen's cap, white one with the red R in the blue box. I wondered how come they knew I liked PoT and they said they saw my netbook's wallpaper last semester. Back then it was a photo of the chibi Seigaku characters. I just couldn't believe they could still remember it.

Having students who remember what a teacher does in class, what she likes, and what she hates and follow these things not because they are forced but they chose to remember is indeed heartwarming. Receiving the cap is not a big deal. It may be cliché but "it is the thought that counts." I can buy caps anytime I want but I won't receive such gifts from my students everyday.

I have this feeling that I need to rewatch Prince of Tennis once again. This time , with the cap on. I will probably like Ryoma more. Hehe.

"Mada mada..."

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