whatyacall epic

An epic is a narrative poetry which tells a story of a hero (heroine) and his (her) struggles.

Teaching high school or college students poetry is already a big trouble. Teaching them about narrative poetry is a more complicated thing. That is why I am quite surprised and thankful of one TV series. I am not a big fan of Amaya but I have to give it to them. It's the only drama that has given students an idea of what Epic is.

Imagine my shock upon hearing my students exemplify Amaya as an epic ("ang pagwawakas ng isang epiko"). When I asked them about what an epic is, they could answer based on the things they had seen from the TV series.

Just recently, Xyv asked me why Filipino television dramas are filled with the same theme: finding one's true family. I cannot remember my answer to this one . What I do remember is my follow up question: why can't we have more dramas that show our culture instead?

As far as I am concerned having extramarital affairs is not a Filipino culture. Having such theme prevalent in our drama is a poor excuse for prolonging air time and sugar coating scripwriters' unproductivity.

At least if we showcase our culture, teachers like me won't have troubles in educating the youth. And probably we won't be burdened promoting 'it's more fun in the Philippines.'

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