The Cure

Friday, February 24, 2012
10:42 PM
I started not feeling well last Thursday after I delivered a speech in a seminar sponsored by the English Department for the Education Majors in school.  I think it was the result of not being able to sleep well the night before the seminar, and drinking cold water after delivering the speech. The venue was also pretty cold. As a result, I have a severe sore throat.

It is not an exaggeration to say that I cannot speak well today because I really can't. I can only manage to whisper. A shrill whisper which does not exactly suit my taste because as much as possible I like to speak in my lower register. I only croak what I want to say which is quite frustrating because I usually speak a lot. In short, I give this impression that it is difficult for me to speak that is why people I talk with usually ask me to stop for my own good.

Russ is not an exception. Yes, he laughs at my hoarse voice but he makes me feel better. Yesterday, he let me play Temple Run on his phone more often than before. He made an effort speaking more than he usually does. I was touched by all these but one thing did it the most. He also bought medicines for my sore throat, headache, and cough.

This probably means nothing extraordinary.  I mean a guy has to do it all the time for the girl that he likes but Russ is different from that kind of guy. He doesn't like doing things that other people can do. His mantra has always been 'Why would I do it if somebody can do it for himself?' I am glad to note that he exempts me from this 'syndrome' most of the time. Yesterday was an example.

He doesn't usually go out of the house that much. He doesn't buy things for other people. He doesn't appreciate warm weather. He fought all of these things yesterday as he bought those medicines.

Though I still couldn't talk well yesterday, I felt better which had nothing to do with the medicine. Thanks to my Cure.

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