The Importance of Being Earnest in Keeping a Blog

It is a shame of we can’t recall memories. It is heart breaking if we don’t have anything to look back to and in case we can, how sure are we that those are pure memories and not tainted with things that we have wanted to happen? I don’t want to be problematic about that. If a lot of people depend on pictures to revive memories, Syme and I depend on our blog that can retell me the thoughts, the feelings which have not and cannot be captured by photos.

Syme and I have committed ourselves to blogging. We have devised ways on how we can keep our journals without doing it as an additional responsibility.

I have shared the technique of “breaking the last year’s record.” This goal makes me check my past blog entries and motivates me to write more. We ought to change for the better and it is not different in blogging. So far, I have always broken my annual records. Currently, my aim is to break my monthly record and I have done so for some months already.

Syme, on the other hand, has shared that he reads other blogs particularly those that feature his interests. This way, he gets inspiration from other writers, and he can write about the same topics from a different angle. Also, he writes as soon as inspiration kicks in. Since he is an out-door person, it is not difficult for him. What he finds difficult is fighting against his laziness. J Syme has promised he will try to follow my suggestion and beat the crap out of laziness.

As for my part, I have started writing long entries already and have decided to post those which are composed of 200 + words. If not, I should put a picture to go with my scanty words.
Following Syme’s example, I am also trying to be as objective as I can in reading other blogs and, instead of putting harsh comments on the site, I only post my reactions in my own blog. Not only do I add posts but I also keep the peace from those close-minded writers such as myself who cannot accept negations and criticisms.

The most important key in blogging for us is to have the time to write stuff. As soon as we get the inspiration to write, as soon as there is an opportunity or experience or situation that subjects itself for us to write, we will.

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