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Monday, November 07, 2011
4:18 PM

The first time I went to Tagaytay, I was with my boyfriend and we spent four hours there taking photos of each other and of course the scenery, which was our primary reason for being there.

posing like he's going to buy the dress for me...or for himself heheh


Coincidentally, it was our first out of town trip. That made it more special for us. Given the proximity of our work places, we usually date in SM North Edsa, and Trinoma and we do get bored out of the same things we see. Also, since we work five days a week, we rarely have one entire day to spend solely in the mall -that is boring since we are not 'mall-persons'- so we just go to each other's houses and spend time with one another. That is why when we travelled to Tagaytay, we played like kids, took photos and videos of every nook and cranny that we found interesting. We even fought the fog just to take photos. It was great.

What was greater was the promise that we would go back there with more money so we would not be limited by our budget (we were only able to save for three months) and visit other places together.

In the span of three months, we came back to Tagaytay, fulfilling our first promise.  This love month we were with his family, the Adrianos.

February 12 was the date, two days before the epic Valentine's Day. It was a brilliant schedule because his family was complete, with the boyfriend and girlfriends (including me!) tagging along.

It was an experience worth remembering. We did not have to worry about the transportation nor the expenses. We were not worried about where to eat and what to do next because everything was planned or unplanned for us. We were able to visit places we had not been able to go to particularly Tagaytay Highlands.

Rhonz and Kuya Rye

Tita Marie's friend, Tita herself, and Tito Noel

Last but not the least, I loved the fact that I felt part of his family. It is one of the great things a guy can give to a girl, to make her comfortable with his family, and that was exactly what I felt and still feel.  
the Adriano

Rhonz, Te Mae, Joseph, moi, Russell

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