We could have been twins—twins separated by months. Ten months and ten days to be exact. He has always been my protector. I have always been his fan. We’ve been each other’s counselor every time we have problems. We have been each other’s refuge.

 The first time I heard he would get married before I would, I didn’t treat it quite seriously. One month before the wedding was when I broke down. I had been getting used to the fact that he had gone home only once a week but marriage would permanently dislodge him from our home. That was the harshest news that affected our nuclear family. We had always been five people despite our different schedules.
the Viter-Ybasco family

But we cannot always be five forever.

That was when he left and decided to tie the knot.

My brother has been married for 23 days already and Syme has been bullying me ever since: why haven't I written something about the wedding? It is an important event that has shaped not only my brother and his new wife's life but also our family's. Why don't I have a record, except the pictures, of that event? Most importantly, why is Syme more driven to have the event posted in my online journal more than I am? The last question I shall not answer.
I was the emcee in the reception. The fact that I was late in the wedding made the whole thing quite ironic. There had been a problem with the service of the wedding and my mom and I had been delayed. I was not even able to hear them say their vows. I was only able to attend the last part of the ceremony. I even thought I wouldn't be the emcee anymore and I already heaved a sigh of relief...only to figure out that I sighed too early.
I was still one of the masters of ceremony. I gathered my courage, thinking that the task was specifically assigned to me. I was there for a purpose and I intended to give my best for my brother.

The reception went well although there were minor problems. We were still able to include some wedding traditions like slicing of the cake, drinking of wine, and throwing of the garter and bouquet.

There were tear jerking speeches from the Bestman, my youngest brother, Drex, maid of honor, Grace's bestfriend, parents of both the groom and the bride and of course from the protagonists themselves, Grace and Ken.

I was not driven to tears by the speeches actually. I was even astounded hearing Bjorn speaking in English because it was the first time I heard him do so. What made me cry was when they started dancing to the tune of Butterfly Kisses.

That wedding may be the reason we are not together right now but it has made him extraordinarily happy. It is also the reason we have two additional family members, Grace and BJ.

With all of these said, I think I have to admit that the only thing that I want to say is, though it also pains me, I am happy that my 'Bal' has settled down. He deserves to be loved by someone he has devoted his life for. It is one kind of love that even a sister cannot give.

To my Kambal, you know that I'm always one of your greatest fans. That will never change.

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